21st Century Skills Series

Gain the skills you need to stand out in any career! Learn online at your own pace.

This 7 course series of micro-credentials are the most in-demand skills employers look for. Each of these skills represent a set of competencies that will set you apart from other job-seekers.

The seven skills in this series are:

  • Initiative
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Intercultural Fluency
  • Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Oral Communication

These flexible classes are offered online. They are self-paced, including end dates but you can move more quickly through the content if you like. There is regular interaction and feedback with an instructor. The courses can be taken individually or as a series.

Request more information by e-mailing [email protected] with any additional questions.


Individual Courses:

CNM initiative badge


Initiative in the 21st century includes self-efficacy and the capacity to identify needs and respond proactively.

Individuals who exercise initiative show four core sub-competencies:

  1. display self-awareness;
  2. lead without title;
  3. act as a catalyst;
  4. learn for experience.


CNM creative problem solving badge

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem-solving in the 21st century workplace includes the capacity to solve problems in new ways.

Effective creative problem-solvers exercise four core sub-competencies:

  1. both divergent and convergent thinking;
  2. identify patterns that may not be obvious;
  3. manage ambiguity;
  4. apply an iterative process for generating, testing and refining ideas.
CNM collaboration badge


Collaboration in the 21st century includes the capacity to work productively with different individuals and groups toward a common goal.

Effective collaborators exhibit four core sub-competencies:

  1. strengthen relationships:
  2. incorporating diverse perspectives;
  3. using active listening skill;
  4. and focusing on solutions rather than problems.


CNM resilience badge


Resilience in the 21st century includes the capacity to bounce back in the face of stress, challenge, and adversity. They do not dwell on disappointment but rather learn from experience and focus on solutions.

Resilient individuals exhibit four core sub-competencies:

  1. display self-awareness;
  2. show self-efficacy;
  3. exhibit flexibility;
  4. learn from experience.


CNM intercultural fluency badge


Intercultural fluency

Intercultural fluency in the 21st century includes the capacity to operate and communicate in different cultural contexts.

Individuals who are fluent interculturally exhibit these core four sub-competencies:

  1. recognize and challenge their own cultural biases;
  2. show curiosity;
  3. demonstrate self-awareness;
  4. incorporate diverse perspectives.



CNM oral communication badge


Oral Communication

 Oral communication in the 21st century includes
both verbal and nonverbal communication. An effective oral communicator
can speak with clarity and precision in formal as well as informal

Effective communicators exhibit four core sub-competencies:

  1. use stories to communicate ideas and increase engagement;
  2. speak with clarity and precision;
  3. use the appropriate tone and word choice;
  4. listen actively



CNM empathy badge


 Empathy in the 21st century includes the capacity
to understand others’ perspectives and feelings and to use this
understanding to improve the quality of personal and professional
relationships, behaviors, team cohesion, and performance.

Empathetic individuals exhibit these core four sub-competencies:

  1. recognize others’ needs and values
  2. incorporate diverse perspectives.
  3. validate others’ feelings and perceptions
  4. listen actively


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