Marketing is a force of change and a marketer is only effective if they create change. Learn the forces of marketing and create change for your customers and your organization.


Simultaneously advance your business needs and develop your marketing skills. Our Marketing Workshops feature a “learn by doing” approach where you will immediately apply the workshop lessons to your marketing goals. Prepare for hands-on, interactive, and engaging workshops guided by our expert marketers. Our workshops are structured to give you:

  • Strategy – choosing what to do
  • Tactics – how to do it
  • Experience – doing it on your goals

Designed for:

  • Aspiring Professional Marketers seeking a full career or side hustle in marketing as freelancers or employees with job titles like “Social Media Marketer” and “Digital Media Strategist”.
  • Current Professional Marketers seeking to add or refresh their professional skills.
  • Managers, Directors, and Business Leaders seeking marketing strategies to drive growth, change, and customer engagement.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking marketing strategy, tactics, and “how-to” knowledge prioritized for their small business’ limited resources.


Topics will vary from broad strategy to specific implementations. For example: What is a Digital-first strategy? Techniques for email marketing and lead generation. Adding meaning to marketing metrics. Should I and how do I start a TikTok?

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