NM-NEW: Engaging New Mexicans Aged 50-70+

Our Mission

NM-NEW’s mission is to proactively engage New Mexicans aged 50-70+ (New Elders) by providing pathways through learning events, work, volunteering, and/or social connections.

NM-NEW is creating a place where businesses, nonprofits, and civic organizations can find qualified people ready to share their skills, wisdom, and expertise. Our innovative online HUB will serve as a clearing house of the many resources readily available, a place where New Elders find guidance toward their next endeavor.

We seek funding from individuals, corporations, grants, government funding, and event sponsorship. Your contribution will help position NM-NEW to engage more New Elders. All donations are tax deductible.

Shifting Demographics

By 2030, 30% of New Mexico’s population will be over the age of 60. Many have been in a stable career and are unfamiliar with how to find new opportunities, volunteer in their communities, function as a consultant, and some need extra income upon retirement. 

The average age for retirement is 62 to 65 in the US. 80% of Baby Boomers indicate they intend to keep working after retirement. AARP NM reports that 1 in 4 (25%) retire into poverty, so they must continue working. The group of people defined as seniors spans an age range from 50 to 100 and older. People are living, learning, and working longer than previous generations of seniors.

NM-NEW will create an easy and accessible way for retirees to engage at the pace they want and will provide support to the business and nonprofit sectors, bringing meaning and purpose to those who participate.

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Are You a New Elder?​

New Elders are skilled people who have retired from or nearing retirement from their career and are ready for the next chapter in midlife. Some choose to share their wisdom and expertise with others as consultants, part-time employees, advisors, board members, coaches, mentors, or volunteers. 

New Elders are a unique group of people who understand the value of intergenerational collaboration and recognize the importance of cultivating future leaders. 

New Elders care about the well-being of the economy, the State of New Mexico, and all its citizens. 

Join Our Community​

We want to hear from you! NM-NEW is an organic organization, growing with the needs and interests of our community.​


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